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Maximize the space in your Garage

How to Maximize Your Garage Space article by Dorothy the organizer
With warm weather comes the need for more garage space or a better use of your space.  Below are my essential steps to maximize your garage space.

(1) Zone your space.   Zones are essential to keep order in your garage.  Assign zones in your garage for each function. Decide on 3-5 zones that match your needs.  A typical example might be separate zones for automobile supplies, sporting equipment, gardening and lawn care tools, holiday decorations, archived paperwork and spare household supplies.

Weather is cooler, perfect time to organize your garage

Garages seemto be the thing to organize this month. I have just finished the fourth client's garage clean out and organization. It has cooled down and it ismuch easier clearing our and organizing your garage in this beautifulweather.  Some tips when you want to getyour garage organized.    Before youbegin to organize your garage, think about what things you store there andbegin to categorize each area.  Think interms of categorizing and grouping like items in the same area so that they areeasier to find and not spread all over the place.
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