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I am Gayle Jacobs, a professional residential organizer servicing Dade-Broward and Monroe, Counties. I formed my company, Actually Organized, LLC in 2003. After a career in the field of Speech Pathology, owning the businesses “Forever Memories” and “Creativities,” and raising two children, the field of organizing became a perfect fit for my skills, desires and passions. Maintaining the organization needed to keep my family, household and my businesses on track was a necessary skill. I learned to balance work, home, and family creating organized systems and spaces that were efficient, and increased my productivity in both my home and work life.
What makes a great professional organizer depends on knowledge, experience, perspective, compassion, confidentiality, non judgment, ability to problem solve, diagnose, to set up flexible organized systems that grow with demand, and the ability to relate on an emotional and intellectual level to each clients needs and concerns. Combining these skills along with our commitment to meeting our clients needs result in a high percentage of our business coming from repeat customers and referrals.
 My first introduction to organizing came at a very early age when my mother dumped all my clothes in the middle of my room because my drawers were not neat. I learned rather quickly at that time how to be organized and how to stay organized.  My first career, as a speech pathologist, offered me the opportunity to work one on one with families, children and adults teaching and helping them accomplish their goals. Working one on one in a setting of trust, combined with my desire and passion for organized space became the backbone for my company Actually Organized.
As a Golden member of the National Association of Productivity and Professional Organizers, NAPO and a member and past board member of South Florida NAPO Chapter, I continue my education through courses and programs offered by the only National Organization associated with Professional Organizers. I fine tuned my knowledge of organizational procedures, assessments and systems, through seminars, classes, research and training. Having worked with children and adults in my earlier field of Speech Pathology, my patience, compassion and ability to problem solve and diagnose was always an integral part of my work. Working with my clients today, I find having the ability to relate and understand the challenges and issues that disorganization, clutter, and a life of overflowing schedules and activities, to do lists, and excess, help me to diagnose and create systems that are user friendly, easy to maintain and fit the unique needs of each client.
Organizing isn't about what I want, it is about my clients’ needs, visions and desires in terms of how they function, how they think and what emotional issues may be present.  Relationship building, as well as a good working knowledge and experience in the field of organization, is the key to the individual attention and customized organization that each of my clients receive.
My company and I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to deliver the best service. Creating trust with our clients means spending time on the phone talking about the needs and concerns of each new client. It means meeting with you, the client, prior to our beginning any work, giving you the opportunity to understand the organizing process and ask questions. At this time an evaluation and a determination as to the plan of action and any specific concerns are addressed.
I thank you for the time you took to review our website.
Gayle Jacobs, President                                    
AcTuaLLy Organized
Miami, FL 33156

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