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Actually Organized is so excited to expand our expertise into NYC  and Brooklyn , NY with professional organizer Wendy Jacobs

I am Wendy Jacobs, I have been trained  by the best and have worked side by side with Gayle Jacobs, owner of Actually Organized. An opportunity has arrived that allows me to open a branch of Actually Organized in the city that I love, NYC.

Being able to bring  Actually Organized  to the area that Wendy calls home, NYC,  has been a well thought out plan.  As a parent and a partner in business it is great to see Wendy's incredible ability to grow  and run our NY office.
 I have seen that she has a real  flair for knowing what is needed in every situation. She is a gifted organizer and an incredible communicator. She can create the space that matches your vision. I am
                                       so proud to have Wendy as our lead organizer in NYC.

Wendy shared some of her thoughts.
As a child, I always looked forward to Thursday. That was the day my mom had us clean our rooms. For me, it became so much more than that. I called it "going through stuff day" or "categorizing day." It meant I had to find the proper drawer, bin, shelf, and so on, for each one of my belongings that was out of place. I found solace and pride in folding my shirts, lining up my trinkets and untangling my jewelry. I found it empowering to be able to make decisions about items that no longer made me happy or brought me joy.
I have been living in NYC for 15 years now, and understand the concept of small-space living. I moved to Manhattan after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism. Before landing my first job in the corporate world, I found myself responding again and again to cries for help from friends in need of better-organized apartments. Even then it was clear that I had the passion and skill set to go pro. 
Working as an account executive gave me the opportunity to hone my skills in the area of paper, time, and project management.  This helped me become an efficient and effective communicator, as well as allowing me to create my own systems for tracking, following up, and promoting product. 
Most recently, I was a personal assistant/house manager for a busy family. I managed day-to-day activities, and scheduled after school recreation, as well as social and business appointments for a family of five. I orchestrated the packing and unpacking of several household moves. Organization was key to keeping this family on track. From the kitchen cabinets to bedrooms, the closets to the playroom, I was organizing on a weekly basis. Working with children as well as adults gave me an awareness of the need to be flexible in creating organizational systems that work for each client. I was fortunate to be able to carry this awareness into working with Kulinary Kids NYC, a mobile cooking class targeting 3-6 year olds. Going from one home to another, bringing organizing skills and cooking adventures to each new group of moms and kids, I taught awareness to both the parents  and their children how to stay organized, be safe and have fun in the kitchen. 
I truly love organizing, and I look forward to working with you and developing the organizing systems that function effectively and efficiently, in your home, with your style, for your needs.  We  find solutions for your everyday life. Try us and see how organization can change your life.

Wendy Jacobs, Vice president
Actually Organized 
NY, NY, 10001
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