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Actually Organized LLC Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Miami Award
Miami, October 13, 2016 — Actually Organized LLC has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Miami Award in the Home Organization category by the Best Businesses of Miami Award Program. This is the second time since 2014 that Actually Organized LLC has been selected for this award.
Each year, the Best Businesses of Miami Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Miami area a great place to live, work and play.
Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2016 Best Businesses of Miami Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Best Businesses of Miami Award Program and data provided by third parties.
About the Best Businesses of Miami Award Program
The Best Businesses of Miami Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Miami area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.
The Best Businesses of Miami Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE:  Best Businesses of Miami Award Program 

The Miami Dade Library System put together a series of lectures on the subject of organizing. 
"Tidy up! Life hacks for ultimate organization."  Everyone left the lectures feeling knowledgeable and motivated to start clearing their clutter and get organized.

I haven't always been a professional organizer but I have always been organized, it is that skill which I love that brought me into this business.
This summer the Miami Dade County Library system offered classes all through out Miami Dade. I was asked to speak at 4 different locations on Organizing. The talks were  titled  "TIDY Up! Life Hacks for ultimate organization  - Get organized and save money by using life hacks strategies and techniques to improve your life by re purposing objects" 

So if de cluttering and getting organized was on your summer bucket list these lectures were just right for you. I discussed Organizing where/how to begin and getting started using a six step method for any space large or small introducing some unique life ask that are innovative and effective. The feed back was so positive. My goal I told the audience was for everyone to leave with one new bit of information, on how to get organized and /or to gain the motivation to start on one of their organizing projects. 

THE CHILDREN"S HOME SOCIETY  WAREHOUSE  was in great need of organization

 At the beginning of every year I like to think about how I can give back to the community. How I can use my expertise to help an organization that is helping the community.  There are so many  organizations in our community that support the community.  My heart strings are pulled when children are involved, and so  I contacted the Children's Home Society  and asked if they needed any help organizing. They were so happy as they had a warehouse that was crying out for some extra TLC.  The items were entering this warehouse faster then their staff could maintain it.   I went and met with Abbey the volunteer coordinator who  explained and discussed just how the warehouse needed to function and how things needed to be retrieved by different staff members so the organization had to be highly efficient and accessed by several staff members.

The work began and the place was transformed! We sorted, purged, and reorganized until we created an effective and efficient storage space.  It was so gratifying to see the changes and to know  that each of us can make a difference. 


  By Melissa Peerless

Refreshing and re-decorating our Sharon Katz Community Room was a labor of love – but it was a lot of work! Many thanks to the people who made the beautiful new community room possible:
  • Amazing volunteer Gayle Jacobs of Actually Organized, who donated hours of her time and expertise.
  • Handy-people Jose and Marta Rivera, who painted, put together furniture, and helped install the many décor items.
  • Program Director Natalia Giordano, who shared her excellent taste and shopping skills during our Ikea trip, and who beautifully arranged our bookshelves.
  • Communications Director Melissa Peerless, who helped to manage the project.
Thanks to the NCJW Teens and the Women’s Fellowship of Plymouth Congregational Church, who provided generous funding to support this project.
 In The News - NAPO SOUTH FLORIDA member Gayle Jacobs of Actually Organized was featured in a Neighbors 4 Neighbors video for her volunteer work at Helping Feels Good. This group assists young adults aging out of the foster care system. Watch video.
                 ORGANIZING PROJECTS in Miami and Broward
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April is all about celebrating those who give back to our community. And we want to send a special thank you to our first volunteer match through Gayle Jacobs, of Actually Organized, applied to help with a room redecorating and organizational project with Casa Valentina.A long-time member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, Gayle has lots of experience with giving back every year with the NAPO South Florida Chapter, and she logged on to to find a match locally where she could  help others by offering her expertise in an  area of work that she embraces."There's no better way to strengthen your own purpose than by giving back. I love what I do and I love giving back and I really connected with Casa Valentina. When you meet the girls, they're so delightful and you really understand the difficult road they've had to follow " Gayle says. In addition to organizing their community room, she is helping the residents along their journey to independence .


JANUARY IS NAPO'S GO MONTH (Get Organized Month) The Professional Organizers of South Florida worked their magic at JAFCO in Broward.
Professional Organizers from NAPO South Florida at JAFCO, Sunrise Fl Sunrise, Florida, January, 2012 – The South Florida chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) started this year off right by helping to make positive changes in the lives of others. Across the country, over thirty other NAPO chapters kicked of January with the eighth annual “GO Month” (Get Organized Month) project to raise awareness about the benefits of getting organized. GO Month is dedicated to NAPO members giving back to the community – volunteering their time and expertise to teach and do hands-on organizing for local nonprofit organizations.
JAFCO (Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options) was the recipient of NAPO South Florida’s 2012 GO Month organization day event. “The gift of yourself, your time, and your energy is a gift more meaningful than anything else you can give,” stated Michelle Katzman, President of NAPO South Florida Chapter
JAFCO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, located at 4200 N. University Dr, Sunrise, Florida. It was established in 1992 to provide services to abused and neglected children in South Florida regardless of nationality or secular beliefs. JAFCO currently provides an entire continuum of programs and services for at-risk children and their families, including children’s emergency shelter, group homes, foster care and adoption, family preservation, MST-Multi Systemic Therapy In-Home Program, Senior Caregiver Program, Independent Living Program, Forever Friends Mentoring Program, and Special Needs Program.
Friday, January 13, 2012 was a beautiful, sunny, and very lucky day for the  nineteen professional organizers from NAPO South Florida who performed their organizing magic for the staff at JAFCO and the families that are served by JAFCO. Our organizing challenge was to set up a system that could be maintained and followed by the multitude of volunteers that periodically and sporadically come to the facility to sort through and put away the donations. Our chapter organized the 1200 square foot warehouse, the receiving storage space, the shelter room, the shed, and the playground. The warehouse is where families and children can literally shop for the essentials they need – clothing, shoes, toys, travel bags to hold their belongings, and items to set up their households. When we finished, most everything was labeled, grouped, and containerized to a level of organization that suited JAFCO. 
“Working as a Professional Organizer has its rewards and challenges. Organizing makes all the difference in how you feel, how you function, and how well you appear to be adjusted in life,” said Gayle Jacobs, Marketing Director for NAPO South Florida. “Our job is to create a space that is efficient, easy to use, well defined, visually friendly, and organized so that everyone associated with the space can readily find and put back items – with everything in its place and a place for everything.” 
Lucky Friday the 13, a day we will remember as one filled with smiling children, shelves organized, spaces cleared and defined, storage that was spatially doubled, and a sense of gratitude to the staff of JAFCO who watch over, care, and love the children who enter their doors.
JAFCO and the 19 Professional Organizers from NAPO South Florida created an everlasting bond. Thank you to all who participated: Ilene Becker, Gail Biers,  Cantillon Eilers, Vicki and Michael Grusby, Diane Hatcher, Bonnie Hersh, Gayle Jacobs,  Michelle Katzman, Ana Larson,  Ximena Lopez, Marrissa Morrow, Nora Puteman, Patty Ribera, Erin Ruppert,  Cat Wagman, Joan Wolfe, and  Adriana Zighelboim


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 10, 2011 – A team of professional organizers representing the South Florida Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) donated their services to The Pantry of Broward.

“If it’s January, it’s time to get organized.” says NAPO, who celebrates their nationwide “Get Organized Month (GO Month)” every January to promote the benefits of organization through community service and education. Each year during GO Month, the NAPO South Florida Chapter of dedicated organizers donates its time to help a deserving nonprofit agency. We are proud to announce that NAPO South Florida’s finest professional organizers chose The Pantry of Broward as our 2011 GO Month project recipient.

National association of Professional organizers of South Florida

Members of NAPO South Florida at         THE Pantry of Broward for their
             "Go Month" project.

The Pantry is an exceptional agency that offers a wide variety of services and support to low, fixed income seniors and grandparents raising grandchildren. Words cannot describe the effort and compassion that those working at The Pantry offer their clients. “This is not just a job but a passion for most of us,” said case worker, Ursula Williams. The Pantry provides assistance to their clients by distributing monthly boxed food including fresh produce, pastries, and at times frozen meat, teaching budget skills, and by 
organizers in South Floridalocating other needed resources such as 
community/government benefits, affordable living quarters, dental/vision care at low or no cost, and employment. They also lend an ear when no one else will. Most importantly, The Pantry teaches their clients how to be more self-sufficient, resourceful, and productive while leaving their pride in tact.
Professional Organizers at work with the staff at The Pantry of Broward
organizing home, organizers in miami

Gayle Jacobs and Randy Groffman in the warehouse at The Pantry of Broward

It was 10:30am, January 10, 2011, when sixteen professional organizers arrived - each owner of their own organizing business – to donate their time to help on this day. The organizers gathered in the warehouse to box, categorize, and label food supplies as well as in the offices to organize, label, file and sort through things no longer needed. As professionals, we see quite a variety of disorganization but our day at
The Pantry was spent improving an already good system to make it work even more efficiently so that staff members can now easily find the papers and supplies when needed.

“Giving back to the community is what is important,” expressed Gayle Jacobs, Marketing Director of NAPO South Florida. “It is our pleasure to support an organization as terrific as
The Pantry of Broward as they are an extraordinary group of dedicated staff and volunteers making a difference one person at a time.”

Peggy Loughan, CEO at
The Pantry, and each staff member expressed gratitude for the results delivered by this team of organizing professionals; however, it is NAPO South Florida who is proud to support The Pantry of Broward as they fill a void of great need. Thank you to the participating professional organizers: Elisabeth Abbazia, Lori Abou, Jennifer Alman, Pillar Batlle, Joan Chaloux, Catherine Gallagher, Val Geever, Vicky and Michael Grusby, Randy Groffman, Gayle Jacobs, Michelle Katzman, Tonya Paulette, Patti Ribera, Suzy Wilkoff and Francine Yaffa who participated in this GO Month project.

About the National Association of Professional Organizers - The premier national association dedicated to the field of organizing, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is The Organizing Authority. Since forming in 1985 as a nonprofit professional association, NAPO has grown to nearly 4,300 members. NAPO is dedicated to serving its members through education, networking, industry resources, and promoting the profession to the public. For more information about NAPO and the annual January Get Organized Month, visit or call NAPO at 856-380-6828.

About the National Association of Professional Organizers South Florida Chapter – Formed in January 2008, The NAPO-South Florida Chapter is a group of local NAPO members providing residential and business organizing, time management consulting, redesign, staging, senior move management, relocation and customized residential and business support. Our Corporate Associate Members provide organizing related products and services. For more information, visit To learn more about this year’s other community service projects, contact NAPO South Florida Marketing Director, Gayle Jacobs at 305.665.8789.
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Organizing and categorizing the files.professional organizer, organizers in miami         Professional organizers in the warehouse of The Pantry of Broward 

                               Actually Organized, Professional Organizing
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