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How to get organized? 
Where to Start?

Disorganization shows up at all levels and all areas of your home, from extreme disorganization to more subtle disarray.  

What ever  the level proper organizing brings dramatic changes and improvements to your home, from complete organizing systems to strategic adjustments that are functional and visually appealing. 

Organizing for some is a choice they make everyday, a habit always practiced. For others an overwhelming task or simply a matter of not having enough time to create the organized spaces they envision.
                         WHY ORGANIZE 

      Your surroundings effect you 
                   and mentally.

1. You can't find things you need:
     keys, wallet, glasses.
     Result: time lost

2. Important papers are missing or lost:
    checks are misplaced, bills are paid late, paper is
    scattered throughout the house. Your favorite jewelry
    is missing.
       Result: money lost

3. You're stressed:
    Piles of clothes, toys and papers just keep growing.
    There is no space left. There is too much stuff.
    Result: sanity lost

4. You have no more room to put anything away:
    The floor has become your storage space.
        Result: lack of space

5. Nothing looks nice, everything is everywhere.
    There is no real home for any of your belongings.
    Result: an unhappy space, an unhappy you

                THIS IS ORGANIZED
1. Everything is in its designated place.
   Clutter has been removed.
   Clothing, shoes, books, and toys  
   are put away
    Result:Efficient use of space
2. There is a system to keep your paper flow 
   under control.   
    Piles of paper are gone, papers are sorted, filed and 
   easily accessible. 
    Result:Time saved

 3.  Important numbers and information are at your fingertips. 
      Result:Increased productivity
4.  Your closets and cabinets are organized:
     Result:   You have gained extra space.  You  feel lighter and have a 
                   sense of calm, clarity  and focus.
                     Being organized benefits the way   
         you feel as well as the way you act and react.
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 1. Relieves stress                               
 2. Saves time and aggravation
 3. Promotes productivity
 4. Creates calmness 
  5. Saves money from lost items,
     late payments, duplicate purchases
 6. Creates efficient
 7. Your home reflects who you are.
     Invest in your home invest in yourself
With everything in its place and a place for everything, you can regain your    space, relax and feel renewed....

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