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Wendy I can not get over how FANTASTIC my closets, cabinets,& drawers look. Just so amazed. I am enjoying my clean closets and drawers. You've inspired me to get rid of even more. THANK YOU!!!!  L.C. NYC

Thank you so much for everything you did for me Wendy. I so enjoyed working with you. 
 Lauri   NYC

6/12/2017 reviewed on Yelp with 5 stars:

Gayle of Actually Organized is Actually Organized!  We moved out of our home of 49 years.  You can imagine what that would be like.  Gayle separated what we wanted, passed on what we let go of in a gentle manner, guided us and packed this good sized house single handily.  She is focused, get's it done in a pleasant manner which made it easier for us to let go of things.  But most important to us was seeing that this is more than a job to her.  Gayle goes beyond in how she cared about us and we could see how important it was for her to live up to the very high standards she sets for herself.  She was a comfort in chaos.  Brings order to disorder.  We could never have survived this without her.    ·        Karen W.   Miami, FL

Gayle is my best resource each season for cleaning out my home.  I am so grateful to know her as I feel like a new woman after each appointment.  She has helped me organize my home at least 10 times over the last 3 years.  I can always count on her to come into my home with new eyes to make improvements on how I live.  Not only is she professional, but, she is an absolute pleasure to be around.  I recommend her to all my friends!   BJC, Brickell Area, Florida

Good Evening Gayle,
It was a pleasure to meet you! I was so happy to get all of this done today. I was telling H. that it was the best money I ever spent. I hope that we can continue talking and organizing  and me learning from you. We spent some time with the family and we told them all about you! Thank you for sending me the papers! 
You are a true blessing in our lifes!
Take care and God bless you always,
Carmen, Miami 3/2017

Johannes and I had a long talk tonight about how freeing it is to let go of ancient history -- we are so, so happy about this clean-up project. And, Wendy  you are inspiring us both.
See you soon.
Joann, NY 2/2017

 I can now say I am actually organized,  I just wanted to let you know the kids rooms are so much easier to keep up the tidiness ever since you helped me this week. I am still super excited and telling EVERYONE I know they need someone like you in their life.
My friends at work say I look much happier now that I do not have that anxiety about keeping up with household chores. They love to hear everything I have learned from you and how I light up in excitement when I tell them everything we accomplished in 2 days.
I am your biggest fan and truly am so thankful God put you in my path. I needed you so long ago! Better late than never I guess.   Lori m.

Thanks for your GREATwork!  LLB, Pinecrest 10/6/2015

Thanks for everything you're helping me with. Your awesome attitude and calming manner makes something I've always hated doing  suddenly something I don't hate doing anymore! You're awesome. Denise,  Palmetto Bay, 10/5/15 

Thank you Gayle for all your help today. I feel so good even my breathing seems easier!!!
M.R. Miami 7/30/2015

Gayle, Thanks for your GREAT WORK!!  L.L. Pinecrest 7/20/2015

Gayle, Thank yo from the bottom of my heart for transforming the whole house and the hearts in it. I know that we will be able to do amazing things because of this huge project we accomplished. I couldn't have done it without your help. May the universe always use you in amazing ways. BL Ft. Lauderdale  6/26/2015

Gayle, I am very excited that the house has come together...finally.  It's actually very refreshing to put everything back in its place at the end of the day once the kids are asleep. 
Thank you so much for everything!!! 6/22/2015 MAW Homestead(redid kitchen and closet)

Gayle, Thank you so much for all of your amazing help! T. & I were just raving about you at dinner. You have been so kind and thoughtful. We are so grateful and can't wait to recommend you to others. Thank you again - you have a very special talent!!  
T & L  just moved into new home 6/3/2015 (helped them move in)

Gayle , Thank you so much for all you did for me! You would be so proud of me!  I am keeping my desk as clean as when you left. I’ll recommend you with full confidence to anyone I can. Connie 3/15/2015 (office)

 The warehouse was in such need of organization and then Gayle from Actually Organized came in with her incredible ability to organize and made the space more efficient and functional. The transformation was amazing.  We were able to fit even more things into the warehouse then we did before and still have room. Now all the staff can find everything they need quickly and with ease. When a gift comes along you grab it. Gayle we are so glad you found us. Abby, volunteer Coordinator The Children's Home Society 2/2015 (Not for Profit organization, storage donation center)
Gayle has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND her call of duty! She was instrumental in getting my 93 year old father's condo ready for him to move.She helped us purge, donate, organize and a lot of emotional support. Gayle showed up everyday with energy and a big smile. With Gayle in charge, I felt very confident in her abilities to get the job finished while I headed back home to Chicago. My father was feeling exhausted the day I was heading home and Gayle jumped in and took me to the airport, WOW! If you want a go getter, professional, organized and truly a FABULOUS person to help you, you MUST call Gayle!! Lisa 10/2014 (organizing, purging and packing up for a move)

Gayle, I am already loving the organization work you did in my office -- I had no idea how inefficient my desk set-up was.  Now, I know where things are (even pens) & I've been putting things away, using the clear folders at the "station" you set up, and it's a very good feeling. Pam (Miami) 7/2014

We didn't know where to begin, if it wasn't for Gayle,  you  took us from step 1 to the  finish with ease. Your amazing we couldn't have done any of this without you. Thank you so very much!  Lisa R. 5/2013 ( Organizing and packing up for a move)
Dear Gayle,     Since the first day we met, my life has become much simpler and easier to manage. There's a long way to go, but I'm thankful to know I have someone knowledgeable and capable to teach me how to live in a more organized way with far less tension. 
Many thanks, Marian G.(Author)  4/2013 (office clutter)

"Gayle, Words cannot express my sincere gratitude. I only dreamed one day my home would be a place I actually enjoyed coming home to and now you have made that a reality. I have learned so many things from you in these two days. I am excited about using your services to organize my other "problem areas" in my home and will continue to use your tips and coaching strategies to make sure the whole family does their part to keep the house organized! You are a pleasure to work with and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Sincerely, The Gonzalez  Family 
4/2013  (Kitchen, cabinets, children's rooms, closets) 
THANKS AGAIN!  I am thrilled using the label and paper organizing tips you gave me to organize my work papers. Now that I know where everything is I can finally bill for 2 patient's that I saw months ago. Just another one of those things that was on the back burner as I was spinning my wheels to survive on a day by day basis that required more attention. I have been depressed for months and this disorganization was adding to it. I feel like a weight has been lifted you are an "Angel"!!! L.G. Miami (Nurse) 4/2013

Gayle, thank you for all your hard work and preparation to make the evening a success. Your presentation struck the perfect pitch - and you created an open atmosphere where the girls felt comfortable to explore a topic that was new to many (if not all), ask questions, and share their own ideas.  It was exciting to see them learning so much, and so truly engaged in the topic and the presentation. I know that they will use both the file boxes and the organization boards to help them better manage their papers and their homes. This was an important life skill lesson that they will help them always. M. Peerless: Casa Valentina 3/2013                     
Gayle was absolutely the most wonderful thing to have happened in my life! She came in, like a breath of fresh air and immediately started looking around and got down to work with me. She measured, she approximated space, she gave me suggestions of what to put where, where I was not being smart about using my space was really an eye-opening session. She also gave me suggestions for my four-year old son, which I greatly appreciated. He now uses the work "organized" and "organizing" frequently, knows what it means and why it's important." J.B., Miami
"I can not praise her enough. She gained my confidence right away. She is a most unusual person. Helped me organize my house and very efficient and reliable. She is very charming and you just respect what she does."   Ruth l., Aventura(Educator) (helped purge, organize, space plan and pack up for a move)
"Thank you for being such a darling and trekking all this way to help us. 
My husband and I were both impressed with your expertise and your reassuring demeanor.  I know with your help, I can achieve my dream of the good life.  Have a blessed week and I too look forward to our collaboration." Take care, Lizette, Broward (Producer)
I never knew where to begin, I was totally overwhelmed. I never used to be this way, responsibilities just got in the way and the little things left undone got bigger and bigger. Looking for a professional  organizer was the best thing I could have done. (sorted, purged, organized created office space  and storage space)
I didn't realize how much happier I would feel after Gayle's company finished organizing my home.  I am so happy with the outcome.  Thanks Gayle. 
C.E. Miami 
I had so much clutter in my house and had no where to put things. I couldn't find anything. I could not get out from under. I am so thankful that I had Actually Organized come and help me organize my household. It is amazing how stressed I was before I decided to get help. Gayle couldn't have been more patient with me or supportive. I loved her ideas and strategies to help me keep organized and stay organized. The process was so much easier than I thought it would be. I would suggest to anyone who has difficulty with clutter and too much stuff with too little space to contact this organizer. P. K.  Ft. Lauderdale
Just wanted to thank you again for all you do for me. Your always help organize my world that's in constant transition. But it truly makes a difference. Organizing helps bring harmony and peace to my life. You do inspiring work! Keep radiating your positivity through your work.  It's great to see people who enjoy their job as much as you do. V.A.F., Miami (administrator)
My husband loved the changes we made and I am thrilled as well. Thank you so much! J.S. Coral Gables
As I step into this year, I have a much nicer place that actually welcomes entry. I owe so much of that to you and I just want to take time to thank you. S.B. Miami
Thank you Gayle! You have been so amazing!  We are so enjoying our home being organized and  it is looking good! Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. I really do appreciate everything.  A.M.  Doral
Thank you for speaking at our NCJW meeting. We all loved your presentation and I actually stayed up until 1:00 am cleaning a cabinet! You had so many fabulous ideas I just need to find the time to implement them. Nad, Miami
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