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Ultimate Guide to Packing your Suitcase like a Pro
Clutter causes stress physically, mentally and emotinally affecting your relationships, your work, and how you function day to on
Maximize the space in your Garage


Clutter affects you emotionally physically and mentally
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Packing for a trip
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Small steps to organizing success
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Ultimate Guide to Packing your Suitcase like a Pro

Ultimate Guide To Packing Your Suitcase Like A Pro: 13 Valuable Steps

Picking the location, booking flights, fantasizing about your  Instagram of famous restaurants  Travel has a lot to offer.

Nothing throws a cog in the organization machine quicker than hitting the ultimate travel roadblock:packing.

Novice travelers and pro tourists alike know the basics of packing. Bringing travel-sized versions of your favorite toiletries and a scarf that multitasks as a blanket and a beach towel is standard practice.

Clutter causes stress physically, mentally and emotinally affecting your relationships, your work, and how you function day to on

8 Tips to Clear Clutter in Your Environment

by: Michael Mastro and Robin Mastro

Clutter isn’t just a physical hindrance. It can actually cause stress in your relationships, create health challenges, and block your ability to think and act clearly. Clearing clutter in your home and workspace creates more than a peaceful, orderly environment—it will enhance success in all areas of your life.What Is Clutter?Clutter can be viewed as physical items that take up space that are either not needed or are unorganized.



Summer has been a very busy time, traveling visiting, taking time off. Once school starts we all settle back into a more regular routine.
As you contemplate what your next steps will be in your vision of ultimate organization, I will remind you to take little steps....break down each room or each area of a room into several steps, set a side a certain amount of time (something that is not beyond your ability to stay focused) and begin one step, one area, one shelf, one drawer at a time.


How much stuff do you have? 
We, all of us, have stuff and we love our stuff. 
How much stuff we have depends on how attached we are to our stuff, how much room we have to hold our stuff, or are we a collector of stuff. Now that we have determined we have stuff we need to figure out if  we have enough stuff  or at what point do we decide we already have too  o much stuff. 
 George Carlin a comedian of days past had the funniest jokes talking about stuff, our stuff.

Maximize the space in your Garage

How to Maximize Your Garage Space article by Dorothy the organizer
With warm weather comes the need for more garage space or a better use of your space.  Below are my essential steps to maximize your garage space.

(1) Zone your space.   Zones are essential to keep order in your garage.  Assign zones in your garage for each function. Decide on 3-5 zones that match your needs.  A typical example might be separate zones for automobile supplies, sporting equipment, gardening and lawn care tools, holiday decorations, archived paperwork and spare household supplies.

Volunteering for

Volunteer Spotlight: Gayle Jacobs
"There's no better way to strengthen your own purpose than by giving back. I love what I do and I love giving back and I really connected with Casa Valentina. When you meet the girls, they're so delightful and you really understand the difficult road they've had to follow "  - Gayle Jacobs. Read more about Gayle and why she chose Casa Valentina here.

Volunteering, helping others, adds such reward to your life Volunteer Spotlight: Our First Volunteer Match
Giving Back to Volunteers Who Give Their Time and Talents through!
April is all about celebrating those who give back to our community. And we want to send a special thank you to our first volunteer match Gayle Jacobs, ofActually Organized, applied to help with a room redecorating and organizational project with Casa Valentina.
A long-time member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, Gayle has lots of experience with giving back every year with the NAPO South Florida Chapter, and she logged on to  find a match locally where she could  help others by offering her expertise in an  area of work that she embraces.

Disorganization and Clutter effects you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I was reading an article about Feng Shui. Feng shui is the energy of a space and the way it makes you feel. This article  talked about Feng shui and Clutter and how  Clutter affects all areas of your life more than anything else. Clutter affects  the way you feel, function and react. The article spoke more specifically about the clutter in the bedroom, where we spend at least 1/3 of our life, and that the Clutter there will affect your health, your prosperity, and existing and potential relationships.

Everyone has clutter: when do you make up your mind to get rid of the excess.

Every one has clutter this writer decided enough was enough and challenged herself to rid her home of excess clutter.  The feeling after you make that decision and move ahead with ridding your home of excess clutter is exhilarating.  Gayle Jacobs
Making Progress Against Clutter
 Jane E. Brody
|April 30, 2012,  
In a column last fall, I announcedmy intention to rid my home and myself of a half-century of accumulated "stuff" — everything from papers, books, clothing and shoes to packaging material and shopping bags.

Organizing your home to energize your space

IT IS SPRING......ALREADY.....with blooming flowers and budding trees we feel natures BURST of energy.  So lets align ourselves with  NATURE and have an energy burst of our own.  Getting energized by organizing. It is the right time to get your home, that closet, those cabinets the garage, the play room ORGANIZED.  You don't have to do it all at once.  Pick a project, one area, one problem zone that needs your attention and schedule some time to begin the decluttering, and organizing process.
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