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Paper: guide for a small business: What to keep and What to Toss

Record Retention Guide for Small Business – What to Keep and What to Toss 
 by Linda Siniscal  
It’s tax time and you have piles of receipts, bank statements, tax forms scattered all about. If you work from a home office, filing space is definitely at a premium so here is a guide of what records you need to keep, what you can save electronically and what records you are safe to shred and destroy.

Federal law requires you to maintain copies of your business tax returns as well as your personal tax returns for three years including all the supporting documentation for those returns.

Out with the old in with the new

Outwith the old, in with the new – 
 After the holidays, you  have more “stuff” in your house or apartment than you did before the holidays, new toys, new appliances, new clothes, books, etc.but most likely the amount of space you have to store it in has not changed. So you are left with an organizing project on your plate.
Gayle Jacobs has turned organizing into her career with her company Actually Organized ( and offers readers the following advice:
· Think of your closet like real estate and weed out the items that no longer serve you.

Oh those twinkling holiday lights

Now that everyone's holiday decorations are out and we are all enjoying the beautiful lights that twinkle everywhere we go, I want you to think about how those precious holiday decorations will again be stored for next year.  I don't want to spoil the enjoy your holiday decorations for a while longer.  But when you are ready to take down all those lights, make sure everything is put away in labeled boxes, get rid of anything that is broken, or damaged, or has seen better days. Make sure the containers you are storing them in are in good condition and cleaned out.  Keep ONLY what you love, what makes you feel good, and what you enjoy.  If you have excess or not enough storage room, now is the time to eliminate or limit what you will pack away for next year. Remember if you take the time now to sort and group, containerize, and label  your holiday decorations  it will make it that much easier for you next year when you have to find all of the decorations and put them up.  Oh another tip.  If you love how your decorations look this year, if your tree was particularly beautiful, take a picture and keep the picture with the stored decorations for next year, it will be easier for you to replicate what you loved most about last years decor. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Weather is cooler, perfect time to organize your garage

Garages seem to be the thing to organize this month. I have just finished the fourth client's garage clean out and organization. It has cooled down and it is much easier clearing our and organizing your garage in this beautiful weather.  Some tips when you want to get your garage organized.    Before you begin to organize your garage, think about what things you store there and begin to categorize each area.  Think in terms of categorizing and grouping like items in the same area so that they are easier to find and not spread all over the place.

Moving? Let a professional Organizer get your new home set up.

What better time to get organized then when you have just moved into a new home. Imagine having everything put away in its best place, organized, contained, easy to find and easy to access.  Moving is a big job getting some help to bring clarity and proficiency into getting organized can make the difference between chaos and calm.
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